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Bath & Body Works Has $6 Single Wick Candles Today Only

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Y’all need to get on over to the Bath & Body Works website, like you’ve never gotten over there before!

Today ONLY, they have all their single-wick candles for $5.95!! Y’all. That is so inexpensive!!! They are normally $14.50.

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Now, let me do that quick math in my head (I’m just joking. I don’t do math. It’s right on the website.), that’s a savings of $8.55 PER CANDLE.

Time to stock up for Christmas gifts — that’s what I’m doing! And, I’m buying a couple for me, too, but that’s my business. Don’t judge.

Now, you DO have to use a code to get this deal, but I’m going to go ahead and give you the super-secret code. Shhh. It’s LOVE.

Just put that little code word right in at the time of checkout, and all your single-wick candles will go from $14.50, all the way down to $5.95. Gah!! That’s so good!!

I just bought 5 candles, that should have totaled $86.34, with tax. BUT, with the code word (LOVE), it took my total, with tax, down to $39.34. Y’all, I saved more than I actually paid!

Go on. Get now. Get on to the Bath & Body Works website, and stock up.

I mean, you could even buy some, just to have on hand for when you forget a birthday. Because, if you are like me, it’s gonna happen.

Now, there IS a limit to the amount of single-wick candles you can buy for $5.95. They are going to stop you at 20.

That would be about $120, and y’all, you would have your Christmas COVERED. All you have to do is throw them in a little bag with some tissue paper, and DONE!!

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