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Leslie Jordan Has Passed Away At The Age Of 67

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Super sad news coming out of Hollywood today.

Leslie Jordan has passed away at the age of 67.


It is always sad when someone passes, but I have to admit, this one hurts.

It’s too soon to know EXACTLY what happened, but here are the facts.

According to TMZ, Leslie “was driving in Hollywood Monday morning when it’s suspected he suffered some sort of medical emergency and crashed his BMW into the side of a building.”

You will undoubtedly know Leslie Jordan from his NUMEROUS appearances in television shows including Will and Grace, Reba, American Horror Story, and most recently, Call Me Kat.

He also became hella famous during the pandemic for his funny posts on social media that documented his time during quarantine.


Leslie was always there to make us smile and giggle just by being his natural self — “a silly, funny, goofy, happy-go-lucky senior citizen.”


Our thoughts go out to his family. He will be sadly missed!!

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