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Move Over Chips And Cheese, Apple Nachos Are The Hottest New Food Trend

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Now who here likes nachos, raise your hand!

I expect every hand to be raised because who can resist a crispy chip layered with a glorious amount of toppings and depending on what you prefer, it can include spicy guacamole, creamy sour cream, refried beans, beef or chicken, diced tomatoes, chopped lettuce and last but not least, nacho cheese!

I must admit that I love nachos just as much (or even more) as the next guy, but there’s a new recipe in town and it is a serious upgrade.


this is my GO-TO healthy snack for when I’m craving somethin sweet 🤩 #applenachos #healthysnack #healthyrecipe

♬ Hood Baby – Kbfr

Coming from TikTok, hundreds of users are creating “apple nachos”, basically the healthier version of cheesy nachos and I have to say, the final product looks immaculate.


baked apple nachos!🍎 lmk what you guys would wanna see next! #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #applenachos #cooking

♬ original sound – Steven Galloway

You’re going to need 3 main ingredients including apples, granola and peanut butter. The rest of the added toppings is up to you but for now, we’ll just stick to the basics.


After you gather your supplies, you’ll want to cut one to two apples in thin slices and distribute them evenly on a plate.

Then, drizzle a peanut butter spread of your choosing and finish it off with granola.


If you happen to scan through TikTok, other individuals are adding chocolate chips, cinnamon and even honey.

Bon Appétit and get crazy with it, because you know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!


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