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Target Is Hosting A Drive-Thru Trick-Or-Treating Experience And I’m So There

There’s been so much debate over Halloween. Are we having it? Is Trick Or Treating off this year? How do we social distance? Do I get candy? I don’t know what to do!!

Well, Target may have just helped come to our rescue! Select location are conjuring up a drive-thru Trick-Or-Treating experience, and my little ghoul and goblin are so excited.

It is going to be called Boo Avenue, and it looks so stinkin’ cute. You get to cruise in the comfort of your own car — all nice and socially distanced — but still enjoy a fun Halloween experience!

It looks like they are going to have several different Halloween stations — The Skelly, The Robot, The Unicorn, and The Pumpkin — and each station will have different fun activities.

Treat-filled pumpkin hunts, gingerbread monsterpieces and moonlight mummy bowling—yes, please


Target is going to set up these not-so-terrifying Trick-Or-Treating stations right in their parking lots. You simply stay in your car, and drive from station to station.

Doesn’t this sound fun? I mean, I’d do it even if I DIDN’T have kids. Ha!

At Target, we’re all about bringing joy to our guests’ everyday lives, and now, more than ever, those little moments of pure fun matter big time. That’s exactly why we created Boo Avenue, a fun way for families to celebrate Halloween safely while enjoying time together.


Now, you can go to the Target website, enter your zip code, and it will tell you which stores in your area are hosting this Boo Avenue experience.

On Halloween, from 10am-1pm, grab your family, dress up in your Halloween costume finest, and get prepared for a family fun Trick-Or-Treating adventure.

If for some reason you can’t make it to Boo Avenue, you can still head to Target for all your Halloween needs. They have everything from Costumes to Candy, and everything in between!

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