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You Can Get Your Own ‘I Am Kenough’ Tie-Dye Hoodie Straight Out Of The ‘Barbie’ Movie

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It is all about Barbie and everything pink right now.

Or is it?

Ken has come into his own, and wants the world to know that he is “Kenough.” And, he is. He really is.

You can get your own “I am Kenough” Tie-Dye hoodie — just like Ken wears in the Barbie movie — and I pretty much love it.


It’s not JUST that snuggly looking comfy hoodie that Ken sports at the end of the Barbie movie — although we pretty much need it.

You can also show your Kenergy by picking up several other “I am Kenough” goodies, and you have to check them out.


"I am Kenough"

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