You Can Get A Life Size Demogorgon So You Can Turn Your Yard into The Upside Down

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OMG this is THE HALLOWEEN decoration of the year…

You can now own a life size Demogorgon so you can your yard into the upside down… ya know, Stranger Things style.


Now you may remember, last year, there were rumors circulating of Home Depot releasing a life size demogorgon but it never actually happened.

But those rumors can be put to rest because an actual demogorgon Halloween prop exists and it is glorious!

Tim Unrue

According to the products description, this Demogorgon stands 8 Feet Tall!

Terrify your Halloween guests and trick or treaters with this incredible 8 foot tall Stranger Things Demogorgon! This decoration definitely takes center stage as the talk of your towns Halloween celebration. Battery and corded electric powered and includes everything needed for set up. Made by Gemmy Industries who is the trendsetter and industry leader in seasonal décor, LED lighting, animation plush and novelty characters, creating iconic brands like Air blown Inflatables, Light Show and Big Mouth Billy Bass. Since 1984, our products have literally changed the landscape of holiday decorating and seasonal gift giving, becoming part of the cultural lexicon.

Honestly, this is one of the coolest props for Halloween especially if you love Stranger Things.

I’ve seen tons of people online share their order has come and shared actual photos (like the ones in this post) and it seems really cool.

The consensus seems to be, it’s a really cool prop but doesn’t have actual teeth. Instead, it’s painted dots but to me, that can be an easy fix. Just hot glue some painted white toothpicks and you’re good to go!

Totally The Bomb/Netflix

If you need this really cool prop in your life, you can watch for it to be restocked on Walmart’s website here. It will cost you $399.00.

P.S. you can try our Starbucks Demogorgon Frappuccino Here.

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