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Here’s Why Everyone Hates Boomers All Of The Sudden

Suddenly #OKBoomer is a thing, and everyone wants to know why. Well, it turns out that the Baby Boomer Generation is at war with millennials, and we all have a front row seat.

At least that’s how this whole thing started. The millennials were shining on twitter, and the Boomers were firing back– telling them to suck it up and work harder.

But then the the rest of the internet did what they did best and turned their war into a meme. Now, saying, “Okay, Boomer in response to pretty much anything anyone over the age of thirty says to offend you is the new thing.

So here’s the deal, these kids have decided that they’re ready to fight back. Their “OK. Boomer” is like a big middle finger to the generation they blame for ruining the earth, screwing up the food pyramid, and just– well all the things that young people like to blame old people for.

And the thing is it’s not just like Boomers are ignoring this, either. In fact, they’re SO mad about it that they can’t stop yelling at the kids on Twitter.

It’s pretty much the equivalent of standing on your porch in your bathrobe yelling at kids to get off your lawn, and I am here for it.

Honestly, it’s pretty genius, because the more upset the Boomers get at the saying, the more the kids keep using it, and therein lies the beauty.

So, the next time you tell your kid to clean their room, and they respond with, “Okay Boomer” you know why.