You Can Get Snowman Marshmallows For The Cutest Hot Cocoa Ever

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Crate and Barrel has the PERFECT addition to your winter-time hot chocolatey tradition.

All of a sudden the leaves have turned from green to red and orange, the temperature has dropped twenty degrees, and before you know it, the weatherman will be calling for a visit from Mr. Winter.

It’s almost time — although, it’s totally already happened at my house — to bust out your special hot chocolate mug, and pour a cup of your most favorite hot chocolate.

The perfect accessory to hot chocolate is a marshmallow top. You can make it even MORE fun if that marshmallow top just happens to be a snowman smiling up at you.

The people at Crate and Barrel have brought us these super-cute, hand-decorated — that chocolate is BELGIAN chocolate — Snowman Marshmallows that will go PERFECTLY with any steaming mug of hot cocoa.

But, you don’t need to stop at hot cocoa. These marshmallows would be a cute addition to the top of your morning coffee, on top of a cupcake, or even simply on top of a dessert plate! They are so cute and sweet!

Each package contains four hand-decorated, perfectly round marshmallows, and will cost you $9.95.

These would make totally perfect stocking stuffers! They would also go GREAT as an add-on gift with a cute mug.

You can pick these Snowman Marshmallows up in any Crate and Barrel store, or you can get them online at

While you’re ordering your CUTE snowman marshmallows, you can make some of these chocolate spoons to go along with your tasty, smiling treats. They are super easy, super fun, and SUPER good!

Hot Chocolate Spoons

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