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How To Make A Cardboard Face Mask With A Replaceable Filter

I think this is super cool and pretty genius! A designer from Russia named Evgeny Maslov created a cardboard mask design that has a replaceable filter.

He even shared the design so we can all make them at home!

All over the world they are telling people to wear masks while in public. Any kind of mask they say is better than no mask.

People have been making them from home since the ones you would normally buy are nowhere to be found.

Wearing a mask doesn’t guarantee protection from COVID-19, but they do say that it can help reduce the spread by blocking some germs.

After coming to Moscow for a few days in March 2020, I ended up having to stay for weeks. First, because of quarantine, then because of flight cancellations. After that, I made a conscious choice to … put all of my knowledge to use. That led me to [start] a non-commercial project-lab [with] a goal to put together … lead designers for quick creation of … necessary objects which can greatly benefit society and provide designs to manufacturers in critical situations.

Evgeny Maslov

They say that to make this cardboard mask you do not need any special skills. They also say it is super fast to make and that those filter replacements are made from materials that are available.

The designers of the BUMASK are distributing the blueprint of their mask for FREE using open file access. It also includes instructions to make it.

You can get more info on the BUMASK by visiting They have all of the instructions and files there for free.