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You Can Get Solar Powered Butterfly String Lights To Add Some Magic To Your Nights

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Looking to bring a little magic to the backyard? These Butterfly string lights are the perfect addition for an outdoor wonderland!

I think they would be perfect to light up a fairy garden area, or a child’s playhouse. You can use them to bring some magic to your outdoor parties that last into the evening.

The butterfly lights are solar-powered LED. There are 20 butterflies in each set and the wingspan measures 4.7 inches.

The butterflies are spaced 5.9 inches apart on a 16 ft long high-quality flexible coated wire. You can shape and bend the wire however you like.

I totally love that they are solar-powered because we won’t need to worry about batteries. They can charge all day with the sun and light up your nights.

The soft multicolor light is beautiful! There are 2 lighting modes, you can set it steady on, or set it to the chasing/flashing mode.

You can also use them inside your home as long as you have charged them fully in the sun during the day. They need 4-8 hours to charge and will light up for 8-12 hours.

They are safe to have out in rainy weather, some people even left reviews about how they used them while camping.

You can purchase the Solar-Powered Butterfly String Lights from Amazon! I need to go place my order right now for our fairy garden!

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