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Try This Mind Test To See How Smart Your Right Foot Is

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Y’all!! It’s crazy how our brains work sometimes, isn’t it!!

So, I tried this little “mind test,” and it’s CRAZY the way it works!

You’d think that if you told your feet to do one thing, they’d listen.

And then, if you told your hands to do something easy peasy, they would comply.

But, it turns out that SOMETIMES, that if you tell your feet and hands to do two different things, they don’t always listen.

I mean, your BRAIN thinks both body parts are acquiescing to your little request (it means agreeing to follow), but then you examine the situation a little better, and your feet have deceived you!!

Damn you, feet!!

Here is the mind test. Just Try it!

First, you sit in a chair, with both feet flat on the floor.

Then you lift your right foot off the ground, and make clockwise circles at your ankle.

At the same time, with your right hand, draw a “6” in the air.

Now, look closely at your right foot.

Did it change direction?

I bet it did!!

Even when I focus, and know what’s going to happen, my foot tries its best to turn counterclockwise!!

Crazy, huh?!?

This is a great one to test out on the kids! They will be super amazed at the way this works.

Do you know any other crazy mind tricks?? Let’s hear them in the comments!

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