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Here’s A List of Retailers Requiring Masks Even For Those Who Are Vaccinated

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It seemed like we were just getting out from under those harsh mask rules, and things were starting to look up.

Whoa, there. Not so fast. Back it up.

It looks like we are headed right back to the year 2020, which was just the most fun ever, wasn’t it?

Walmart and Kroger are reversing their mask policy, and it even impacts those who have been fully vaccinated.

At Walmart, these new measures are going to go into effect by October 4th.

Remember those fun task masters “health ambassadors” who were stationed at the Walmart front doors to remind everyone to mask up? They are coming back.

They are also requiring ALL their employees — even the vaccinated ones — to wear masks at work if they are in areas where COVID infection rates are growing.

Of course, customers aren’t going to get away scott free. Walmart is highly encouraging its customers to also wear masks, and they will be handing them out at the door once again.

This also impacts their home office employees, who will be REQUIRED to get vaccinated by October 4th.

Don’t worry. Upper management in the stores will also be required to break down and get shot.

Now, this vaccine requirement doesn’t yet affect front-line workers, but Walmart is DOUBLING their cash incentive for those employees who get vaccinated.

As far as Kroger is concerned, they are still going to follow state and local mandates, but they are going to “strongly suggest” that all individuals who enter their stores wear a mask.

They had previously suggested that only unvaccinated individuals wear masks, but this change affects EVERYONE — even those who have done the responsible thing and been vaccinated.

Publix has announced that by August 2nd, all store employees must “wear face coverings over their noses and mouths while inside any Publix location.”

Here we go again, right? We are almost right back to where we started. I better stock up on toilet paper now!

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