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This Barista Revealed That Her Starbucks Store Isn’t Even Serving Starbucks Products Anymore

Are your Starbucks drinks tasting a little different to you? There’s most likely a reason why…

Leave it to TikTok to reveal all the dirty deets happening behind closed doors of different companies.

With almost two million views, TikToker @torivile posted a viral video showing us the behind the scenes of what is happening at Starbucks these days.

Now, as someone who has previously worked at Starbucks, I can confirm that there are times that a barista has to make a run to a store to grab something that their store is out of to hold them over until the next shipment comes in.

Usually this happens with milk, but it can occasionally occur with other products as well.

BUT…I have NEVER seen such a shortage like this.

Starbucks’ all over the country are having to resort to buying grocery store lemonade, apple juice, milk, syrups, and many more items that are going to taste different than the typical Starbucks products.

Now, the reactions are a bit two-sided. Some could be upset because it’s going to taste a little different and the quality may be a bit off. But at the same time, if Starbucks didn’t use this as a solution, they would instead have to close down.

I do, however, think that Starbucks should make their customers aware that this is going on, because as @torivile stated, “we ain’t even Starbucks no more”.

So what are your thoughts on this? Happy Starbucks is doing whatever it takes to stay open? Upset they aren’t letting us know what’s actually happening to the quality change of drinks? Worried that this video is going to get the girl fired? Let us know below!