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This Tweet Of Adele Struggling In The Gym Just Made Me Love Her More!

Adele is just like us and that’s why we love her. She loves to curse…who doesn’t? She loves food…again, who doesn’t? And those pipes! Wow, I mean, I can’t sing like her or anything, but all the feels. All. The Feels. What I love most, though isn’t all of that, but just how much she’s unafraid to show herself struggling through life just as much as I do.

Oh, Adele! How I love thee! Seriously, who hasn’t been there? Probably within the past two weeks??

Also, though, whether she knew it or not, she just parodied a song that parodied one of HER songs…and it’s fabulous!

I’ve loved Adele for YEARS but possibly never as much as I love her right now. And it looks like I’m not the only one…

And just like Tina The Diva, all I’ve got to say is,

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