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Dobby Approved: 10 Things You Can Do With Single Socks

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We may never solve the question of what happens to socks in the dryer that turns them from a pair to singletons, but that’s okay…because those single socks can be super useful on their own! Just ask Dobby the House Elf. I mean, all it took was one sock to free him from a lifetime of slavery under the Malfoy family and if for no other reason, single socks are Amazing. Still, there Are at least 10 OTHER things you can do with single socks that are pretty amazing, too!

10 Things You Can Do With Single Socks

10 Things You Can Do With Single Socks

1. Dusting – Of course, we’ve all used old socks to dust bookshelves and such, but you can also secure it to the end of a broom to reach those harder to reach cobwebs and air vents. Swiffer, who?

2. Cat toy – Toss a little catnip into the bottom of a single sock and tie the end. Instant cat toy.

3. Oatmeal bath – Want silky smooth skin, but don’t want to get oatmeal everywhere? Place about a cup of oatmeal into the bottom of a recycled sock and toss into your hot bath. Add some essential oils to make bath time even more relaxing.

4. Puppets – Kids love puppets and single socks are perfect for making talking hand puppets.

5. Stuffed animals – Who doesn’t love the sock monkeys and other stuffed animals? Make your own colorful sock sheep, monkey, owl, or whatever you can dream up with those singletons.

6. Kid leg warmers – Cut the tops off of several single socks and sew them together to make leg warmers that’ll keep those little legs toasty on colder winter days.

7. Ice packs/heating pads – Fill up a Ziplock bag with some ice and place it in a single sock to use as an instant cold pack. Or, if heat is what you need, add some rice, tie the end, and microwave for about two to four minutes. A couple drops of essential oil and you’ll have a heating pad that also relaxes. Ahh, relief!

8. Dog toy – Dogs love the crunchy sound of plastic bottles, so next time you’ve got an empty water bottle place it in a sock and tie the end. Your pooch is going to love playing with this one!

9. Packing – Pull out all those lost socks and use them to pack away glasses for moving, or Christmas ornaments that are fragile.

10. Wash hair scrunchies – Instead of throwing hair scrunchies in the washing machine by themselves, put them into one of your singleton socks and tie the end. Toss the whole thing in and wash. Let these air dry (sometimes dryers can break the elastic within), and they’ll be good as new!

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