Everything You Are Feeling About The Full House Reunion

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In case you’ve been living under a rock and somehow missed it, FULL HOUSE IS COMING BACK on Friday February 26!

And they finally released some of the pictures of the cast and the sets, and the EVERYTHING and it is all just so… FULL.

Fuller House

Sigh, just look at them all together again. And Jessie! Has he even aged? Have Mercy, that man is a specimen to behold. Even if the Olsen twins are too scared to be back on camera after all this time, it will still be awesome. Besides, what were they going to do? Run around with their hands on their hips looking all sassy? (Man, this show was so cheesy in the best possible way, wasn’t it?)

fuller house images

Can we just stop for a minute and talk about their hair? I mean, look at those waves, the blonde-tastic-ness, the soft sexy bouncy curls. Man, I could just watch an entire show about how their hair is so on point, because seriously, these girls have got it going on. (Oh, and what is Kimmie wearing? Is that a cat jacket? I need a cat jacket.)

fuller house kids

Whoa! This is a lot of kids. Plus that baby too? Oh, now I get the whole “fuller house” thing. It makes total sense. Right?

kimmie gibbler

Well, this picture says a lot. Kimmie and Stephanie are headed out while good ‘ol reliable DJ has to stay in and watch the babe. I bet she’s like a total stick in the mud, and the girls have to convince her to go out. (Side note, I can’t handle Stephanie Tanner with that much cleavage. I just… can’t.)

I am so crazy excited for this. Seriously, I am a total sucker for where are they now, even if it is just fictional characters that I watched every single TGIF for pretty much my entire childhood. But what I really really want to know is, when can we get a Growing Pains reboot?


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