How To Wear Colorful Makeup Without Looking Like You’re 12

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If you have ever walked past the Urban Decay Electric Palette, or any brightly colored eyeshadow for that matter, and thought “I WANT!” and then “I could never wear that without ending up on peopleofwalmart.com,” you aren’t alone. Brightly colored eyeshadow appeals to those of us who had Lisa Frank toys as a kid, but it’s also really intimidating to wear. Here is one way to wear colorful makeup without looking like you’re 12.

How to wear colorful makeup

I eased myself into wearing brightly colored makeup by wearing it around my house. Wearing a red lip while vacuuming or cleaning the kitchen really helped me get used to seeing myself wearing something bold. I would be catch myself thinking, “why is there a fashion model in my living room?!” and then I would realize that it was just me in the mirror. I grew to really love the way it looked.

Life is too short not to be bold, so let’s do it!

There are several ways to wear colorful makeup and still not go overboard and feel self conscious all day. You could do a completely neutral lid and use a bright colored liner on your lower lash line, or you could pair a basic eye look with a neon lip. This is my favorite way to incorporate color. It is subtle, and beautiful, and it will work with any color. I chose pink today, because, reasons.

how to wear colorful makeup

Start off by priming your lid and setting the primer with a skin colored or translucent eyeshadow. This will make it easier to blend other colors out later.

  1. Blend a beige-peach color into the crease of the outer 3rd of your eye. Make sure the edges are nice and seamless. It’s okay if it’s barely noticeable. You can barely even see mine in the photo.
  2. Blend a light taupe into the same area, only a little smaller than the shape of the shadow you just put down. You don’t want to cover up the peach; leave it peeking through the edges.
  3. Take a dark brown and add it to the outer third in a sort of V shape. Blend the edges up and out into the crease.
  4. Take your colorful shadow and pat it onto the center of your lid. As there is less product on your brush, you can begin to blend out the edges. You can switch back and forth between your colorful shadow and brown until it’s blended to your heart’s desire.
  5. Line your eye. I went back in and added a wing after I took this photo
  6. Lashes

Finshed Look

How to wear colorful makeup

I added a rosy pink ombre lip. This one is Nyx Ombre Lip Duo in Freckles and Speckles.

Nyx Freckles and Speckles

How to wear colorful makeup

Wearing something bold and sexy always leaves me feeling confident and empowered at the end of the day. I never get more compliments than when I wear my favorite orangey-toned red lipstick, and now I don’t think I could live without it!

The best part is, I don’t even feel the need to check peopleofwalmart.com to see if anyone posted my photo anymore.

Let me know what you guys would like to see next in the comments, or better yet, share your favorite bold makeup products!

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