15 Star Wars Nails That Show off Your Love For The Force

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I am all about the Light Side of the force but I’ll admit, I’ve thought about turning to the Dark Side. I mean, you get to dress in darker clothing (which is totally slimming) and be feared by many. The downside is you have an entire colony of troopers that can’t hit their targets even if their lives depend on it. No, I am not going to switch over to the dark side but I am going to show off my inner Dark Side from time to time with these awesome Star Wars Nails! Aw, who am I kidding? I’ll even show off my love for the light side with some of these designs too!


15 Star Wars Nails That Show off Your Love For The Force

  1. R2-D2 is the perfect companion for your wedding ring finger.
  2. Darth Vader teaches you how to do Stormtrooper Nails.
  3. These Chewbacca Nails are truly fuzzy!
  4. Because your nails should be extremely silver like R2-D2.
  5. Rock these Yoda Nails you must!
  6. Vader Nails will make you wish you were on his side!star wars nails1
  7. C3p0 Nails can help you feel like a robot for a day!
  8. Can’t decide which Lightsaber is your favorite? Give these Lightsaber Nails a try.
  9. These Yoda Nails are quite impressive!
  10. You can’t have Star Wars without the Galaxy!
  11. These BB-8 Nails will make you want to buy one of the toys now.
  12. Is he good, is he bad? Who cares because we still love these Boba Fett Nails.star wars nails2
  13. Blast off into space with these Hyperspace Nails.
  14. The beauty in these Princess Leia Nails is amazing.
  15. These Death Star Nails make that ship look inviting.

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