Here Are All Of The Starbucks Cups They Launched For Fall

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Happy Starbucks Fall Launch Day!!! If you didn’t get your butt to Starbucks to get some drinks and cups I’m disappointed in you…


But one of the biggest surprises for me, was the fact that there were SO MANY NEW CUPS! Way more than we anticipated!

We’ve already covered the studded cups and the kaleidoscope cup, but there are a tons that I didn’t see for the first time until today!!!

There’s a new stand alone hot reusable cup! This one is a beautiful black color with a gold rose! I love it!

I got a tiny peek at this fall foliage cup the other day, but pictures DO NOT do it justice. This is a GORGEOUS cup!

There’s this little hot cup with a removeable lid. I am loving the plum colored cups this year!

We got another glass cup with glitter in the handle! I guess this is more like tinsel, but either way, I’m in love.

Pumpkin colored cup anyone? This one stood out to me the second I entered the store!

This one is super subtle but it was actually my favorite! It changes from black to dark green in the sunlight!

I LOVE the color combination on this one! And this is the perfect size for my coffees!

This one is has gorgeous, glittery foliage that glistens in the sun. And I LOVE the color!

I am seriously loving this bluish green color they released this year. I am 100% a fan!

Although I love the color, this one weirded me out with the indentions. But it’s definitely unique!

And this one mixed the bluish green with purple and is definitely a cup I could see my mother-in-law loving!

Which cups did you score during this launch? Let us know in the comments!

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