I Just Watched The New Netflix Show Starring Keanu Reeves and It Made Me Incredibly Disappointed In Him

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I was scrolling through Netflix, looking at the Top Ten list, hoping to find something good to watch. And there pops up Keanu Reeves’s face. So of course I had to watch the movie he was in. Though I wish I hadn’t.

Although the movie “Knock, Knock” came out in 2015 and only had a 37% rating on Rotting Tomatoes, it somehow ended up in third place in the Netflix Top Ten. How you ask? I have no clue.


*SPOILER ALERT* At least if you want to call it that. Two girls show up at his doorstep while his wife and kids are away. They practically rape him but finally convince him to join in on a threesome.


They then tell him they are minors and he’ll go to jail if he calls the police. They hold him hostage, wreck his house, kill a friend of his wife’s, and then act like they’re going to kill him, but don’t.


The movie ends with his wife and kids walking into the trashed house. And that’s it. The girls had taken off.


The husband was buried in the backyard with his head sticking out of the ground. And a recorded sex tape of him and the girls was leaked on Facebook. The end.


It’s weird. It’s creepy. It makes me disappointed in Keanu Reeves. He’s better than this kind of movie. I’m ready to just forget the whole thing. I should have taken the blue pill.


Have you watched this movie yet? what did you think? And do you have any idea why it’s in Netflix’s third place right now? Comment below!


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