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‘Bones Day’ Is A Thing And People Are Loving Everything About It

I had a friend tell me, “It’s Bones Day!!”

I had absolutely no idea what she meant, but didn’t want to seem “uncool,” so I said “Happy Bones Day!”

She started laughing, and after a quick Google search, I found out why. LOL!!

This whole “Bones Day” phenomenon started when a TikTok user, known only as “Jonathan,” posted a video of his doggo Noodles, a 13-year-old pug.


See, Noodles is pretty special. He has a game that he plays, which his human companion has dubbed “No Bones.”

Everyday, when Jonathan goes to wake up Noodles, he sometimes has bones (He stands right up). But, there are some days when Noodles has NO Bones in his body at all (He lays there like a wet noodle that can’t stand).


For some unbeknownst reason, Noodles will just decide that he has no bones on certain days.

Man, this sounds like a fun game to play with my kids. “Does Mommy have bones today?”


This “No Bones” game has become quite the “thing” on TikTok. Jonathan’s TikTok account has 2.1 Million followers, and they are all clamoring to see every day, “Is It a Bones Day?”


The world of TikTok has decided that on days when Noodles has bones, it’s going to be a good day.

But, if Noodles DOESN’T have bones — well — you might just want to crawl right back in bed, because the day is probably going to suck. LOL!!

This “Bones Game” has gotten so popular that people will tune into Jonathan’s TikTok page EVERYDAY!! They can’t wait for Noodles to predict what their daily outlook is going to be.


Noodles is so dang cute, I’d tune in just to see him — whether he had bones or not!

Just look at that sweet face!


You can catch all of Noodles’ “Bone Day” antics on Jonathan’s TikTok feed.

Be careful. It’s pretty darn addicting to watch for the “Bones Days.” LOL!!


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