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In the middle of the night…

Do you ever feel like that is the only time you have to yourself? Sometimes I just like to sit up here in the guest bedroom on the laptop and mindlessly surf. I wonder if that makes me crazy? Man I hope not, because I am going to post this to my blog in a minute. I guess it is that whole mom thing… I just never have time to sit quietly and just think on my own. Of course, now that my best friend is 14 hours ahead of me in Japan, I usually can find someone to hang out with at one in the morning… because it is three in the afternoon there. (Dorothy, did I do that right? Am I getting it yet?)

Man, I miss her… I just miss knowing that she is a car ride away… I know she is having fun and all that, but it was nice having her in Texas! I just hope she has a good time while she is there! I miss Noah, her son, too… hehe we only call chicken nugget Happy Meals “Chicken and Fry Fry” in honor of him…. heheh my kid won’t even know what a french fry is… 🙂


Tuesday 23rd of May 2006

lmao bout time I figured it out!


Tuesday 23rd of May 2006


And you made me cry!!!! I miss you too. :hug: