McDonald’s Is Working On A Way To Fix All Ice Cream Machines And We Are Skeptically Rejoicing

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There is nothing worse than going to McDonald’s to get some form of ice cream (mine is usually the M&M McFlurry) and it’s ALWAYS broken! ALWAYS! What is up with that?!?


I have never understood how it was always broken. For years it’s been broken. I have gotten to the point where I only ask when I’m desperate and have given up otherwise.


new report from Business Insider said that during a meeting of the National Owners Association, it was announced that they will be focusing on improving and finding solutions for the chain’s soft serve machines. (Can I get an amen!?)


Tyler Gamble, the franchisee leader of this team, said he was not taking any idea off of the table and that he wanted to “ensure that McDonald’s is no longer the butt of the joke, even with their own social media team.” The entire premise of the ice cream machine being broken has become quite the meme.


Too good to be true? We’ll see. At least they are FINALLY trying to get it figured out. Took them long enough. Aw, but now the memes will have to go away. Sad.


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