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Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart Call Out Willie Nelson In This Super Bowl Commercial And It’s Hilarious

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You had me at Willie Nelson!

This Super Bowl Sunday, get ready to join Willie, Snoop Dogg, and Martha Stewart as they sing the praises of the BIC EZ Reach Lighter.

The commercial starts with Willie picking up a lighter — it happens to be the BIC EZ Reach Lighter — off the coffee table.

BIC Lighters

Snoop suddenly appears on his computer screen, asking Willie if he’s seen his lighter.

BIC Lighters

Of course, Willie plays none-the-wiser, hides the lighter, and pretends he hasn’t seen it.

BIC Lighters

All of a sudden, Martha Stewart pops up on the computer asking if Willie has seen her scented candle — the one that is just to the left, and out of sight of the computer. Ha!

BIC Lighters

Willie grabs another candle, and lights it, claiming it’s his “favorite herb scent” — *Wink-Wink*.

BIC Lighters

I’m sure it is.

Martha Stewart, BIC EZ Reach Lighter Commercial
BIC Lighters

I’m not going to lie, after seeing the commercial, I added the BIC EZ Reach Lighter to my Walmart pickup list. LOL!!

BIC Lighters

With as many candles as I use, I need something that is going to keep my little fingers away from the flame, and this lighter does the trick!

BIC Lighters

Tune in to the Super Bowl on Sunday to see all the best commercials of the year!

And, watch the BIC EZ Reach Lighter commercial below.

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