This Taco Hack Shows You How to Prevent the Fillings From Falling Out and It’s Pure Genius

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There’s a reason why there’s a designated day to eat tacos once every week and yes, I’m talking about Taco Tuesday.

While the meal is super popular to make, whether it’s because you’re a beginner at cooking or simply because it’s delicious meal, you tend to loose half of your fixings within the first few bites.

Assuming you include the regular toppings like beef, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes, you’ll soon be able to taste everything you stuffed in your taco thanks to this hack that prevents the fixings from falling out!

Courtesy of @anna..paull

Thanks to TikToker @anna..paull, the social media user shared her hack for a perfect taco that leaves no mess.

Courtesy of @anna..paull

And the trick, is basically mimicking Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap Supreme as @anna..paull layers a soft tortilla with refried beans and sour cream before tossing in a hard shell in the middle with all of the fixings.

Courtesy of @anna..paull

However this next step, is the most important.

After adding all of your toppings, you must wrap the crunchy taco with the tortilla, making sure to completely cover the hard shell.

Courtesy of @anna..paull

And with a test bite taken at the end of her video that shows no fixings have fallen out, it looks like Taco Bell has been giving us the secret all along without us even noticing.

Courtesy of @anna..paull

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