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Dollar Tree Is Hiring 25,000 Employees, Here’s How You Can Apply

The dang pandemic has thrown a wrench in EVERYTHING, including jobs! My husband is one of the “lucky” ones whose work shut down, and he has no way of getting paid through this time of social distancing.

Well, tough times call for tough measures!! If you are looking for a quick and easy job to get you through — those bills don’t stop showing up in the mailbox — this might just be right up your alley.

Dollar Tree is looking to hire 25,000 associates to help stock and keep up with demand in their stores.

They are also suspending all online ordering during this time.

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That could mean an influx of business to stores from people needing those essentials!

What a GREAT part time job, for those needing to keep up with working.

To apply, just go to the Dollar Tree website. You know everything is done electronically now, so all applications get filed online.

If it were me, I’d be sure to follow up with the store manager once I fill out the application. That way they will know your name, and know to look for your application.

We have also been told that Walmart and Aldi are currently looking for help, because they have a TON of stocking to do.

As we all know, the stores have been DEPLETED, with people scrambling to buy toilet paper, soap, and canned goods.