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Here’s Why Ben Affleck Seemed So Miserable At The Grammys

Poor Ben Affleck.

Dude looked MISERABLE at the Grammys, and it might be because he was just there as “arm candy” for J.Lo.

This was Ben’s first ever Grammys experience, and it was more than obvious that he didn’t want to be there.

Every single time the cameras cut to Jen and Ben, it was — well — excruciating.

The guy wasn’t ever seen talking to anyone else at the table.

As J.Lo shimmied and danced to the performances, Ben just stood there like a miserable little statue.

At one point, host Trevor Noah did a skit whilst sitting next to the “happy” couple.

Jen realized they were on camera, and quickly turned to nudge a bored looking Ben.

He continued to scowl while Jen flashed a smile for the camera. It was a total cringy moment.

His demeanor made Ben quickly become the trending topic on Twitter, and it was all due to his miserable experience at the Grammy Awards.

So, Why Was Ben Affleck So Miserable at The Grammys?

According to multiple sources, he was really on there for his wife and wasn’t really comfortable at all the attention…

Ben was on his best behavior as Jen’s date, that’s the only reason he was there.

Source to In Touch

It was obvious that he didn’t feel comfortable because all eyes were on him.

Source to In Touch

I hate that Ben was so miserable, but I sure love all the memes. LOL!