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You Can Now Take A Virtual Tour Of The Botanical Gardens At The Cincinnati Zoo

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If you’re a frequent visitor to the Botanical Gardens at the Cincinnati Zoo, then heads up, because you can still view the flowers right at home!


Although you may not be able to sniff or take pictures of the flowers yourself, you can view the array of beauty right from your computer screen!


It may not feel the same as viewing the garden in person, but I’d definitely say we’re lucky to be in an age where technology makes virtual tours possible! 


The Cincinnati Zoo went live today at 3pm on Facebook, to show fans the mass of flowers at the Botanical Garden!

It’s a must watch tour and I highly recommend taking the time to go on their Facebook page under the tab “live” and taking a look! You can also watch the tour on their Youtube page too.


The tour allows viewers from home to see the main parts of the Botanical Garden and as a bonus, a history lesson or two on the background of the garden itself!


Plus, we should give the Cincinnati Zoo a round of applause for planting over 121,000 tulips in their garden and the least we can do is watch their video in support!

FYI, my favorite part was the White Lilac flower, called the “Betsy Ross”! To see what they look like, click the link here to watch the video!


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