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MrBeast Just Tried His First Ever Taco And Liked It So Much He Gave The Restaurant Owner $10,000

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Have you heard of MrBeast? I have lost HOURS to his TikTok videos, and I don’t regret a single minute of it.

He hands out BIG money and big-ticket prizes to people, often “just because,” and always in an entertaining way.

Like, I’ve seen him give away houses, cars, shopping sprees, and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

MrBeast recently tried his first ever taco that wasn’t from Taco Bell, and filmed the whole thing.

I think we can all agree that REAL tacos can be pretty life changing.

Mmmmm. Tacos.

MrBeast Liked His Taco So Much, He Gave The Restaurant Owner $10K

MrBeast hit up Aloha Mamacita, a Hawaiian, Asian, and Mexican fusion local restaurant in Las Vegas, with content creator and influencer, Keith Lee.

Keith often goes viral on TikTok with his reviews of local, family-run businesses.

He challenged MrBeast to come and review a “struggling family-owned business” with him, and of course, MrBeast obliged.

The TikTok video starts with Keith showing MrBeast how to dip his taco in Aloha Mamacita’s special sauce.

My God. That is crazy! — On a scale of like Taco Bell to 10, 10.


In the video owner, Kimberly Ann Nguyen, explained why she opened the restaurant.

She was eight months pregnant when she started making tacos in the hopes that it would allow her husband to come back from Oklahoma, where he was working at the time.

Keith told MrBeast that someone had broken into the restaurant shortly after he first reviewed it. They smashed the windows, smashed the doors, and completely wrecked the place.

Kimberly insisted on reopening the same day as the break in, and that made Keith go back.

I want to give y’all $10,000. This is literally the best thing I’ve had in like the last 100 days.


Can I just tell you, the video has me wanting to make a trip to Vegas just to go to Aloha Mamacita. LOL!

You can see MrBeast’s entire review of Aloha Mamacita HERE.

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