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Aldi Has 20 New Advent Calendars Just In Time For The Holidays And I Want Them All

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Y’all, Aldi is winning at the Advent Calendar game this year.

Now that Halloween is behind us, we are ready for everything Holidays, and that means preparing for the Christmas Countdown!

Aldi totally has our back, giving us the BEST selection of Advent Calendars that I’ve seen in one place!


All you have to do is pull up the Aldi website, go to Aldi finds section, and you can see all the Advent Calendar choices that Aldi has available for us — and there are a TON of them!

Courtesy of Aldi

First of all, Aldi has brought back their Cheese Advent Calendar. It is $14.99, and it is A-Maze-Ing!! I got it last year, and I have been anxiously waiting for it to come back. It’s FINALLY HERE!!!

You get 24 days of imported cheeses, and all I can say is — YUM!! Go ahead and get your crackers ready.

Aldi has also brought back their super popular Beer and Wine Advent Calendars. Y’all, last year these sold out in a couple days at our Aldi! Go get them while you can.


For the kids, they have a Craft Advent Calendar. They are only 13 bucks, and there are 12 different crafts to open and create.

Make sure you see that this is a 12-day calendar, and not the traditional 24-day calendar.

Courtesy of Aldi

You can also get a BUNCH of other cool kids Advent Calendars — like Marvel, Paw Patrol, Disney, and Barbie Advent Calendars. The kids are going to FREAK OUT!!


Aldi even has Advent Calendars for your pets!! They have one for dogs, and one for cats. How many different ones do YOU need? Ha!

Courtesy of Aldi

As if all THOSE Advent Calendars weren’t enough, Aldi also has a Chocolate Advent Calendar. Gah! Yes, please.

Courtesy of Aldi

Thanks to Aldi, I’m going to be celebrating the Christmas Holiday about 5 different ways every day in December. I can’t wait!!


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