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This Man Glued A Cup To His Mouth In An Attempt To Prove Gorilla Glue Girl Was Overreacting

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PEOPLE!! Make better decisions!!

Earlier this week, we told you about the genius lady who used Gorilla Glue on her head when she ran out of her hair product.

im_d_ollady – TikTok


NOW, I get to tell you all about Len Martin. He is a guy who just wanted to create a viral Facebook challenge — as people do.

Courtesy of Len Martin on Facebook

He says that he wanted to prove that Tessica Brown, the chick who used the Gorilla Glue in her hair, was overreacting and blowing the whole glue situation out of proportion.

Courtesy of Gorilla Glue

In a stunt that he is now regretting, he took to Facebook to make a video where he thought he would line a solo cup with Gorilla Glue, and then lick it right off — Badda Bing, Badda Boom.

Courtesy of Len Martin of Facebook

As you can imagine, it didn’t exactly work out as planned.

He sure did line that solo cup with Gorilla Glue — but then he stuck the D*** cup to his mouth.

Like, he pretty much permanently sealed the cup to his face.

Courtesy of Len Martin

Off to the ER he had to go.

Martin described what the doctor did as “painful peeling.”

WGN9 Chicago

Not only did the doctor in the ER have to peel that cup off bit by bit, it apparently left his lip in a bad state.

The doctor informed Mr. Martin that if the tip of his lip did not heal correctly, he would have to have it taken off by surgery.


Martin says, “This is not the challenge you want to try.”

WGN9 Chicago


Courtesy of Gorilla Glue

Gorilla glue emphatically agrees with Mr. Martin.

Our spray adhesive states in the warning label, “do not swallow, Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing…” It is used for craft, home, auto or office projects to mount things to surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, laminate and fabric.

Gorilla Glue

PLEASE, do not try this, or any other stupid challenges, at home — or anywhere else, for that matter!

Watch Mr. Martin’s Facebook video below.


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  1. I am just at a loss for words with these gorilla glue incidents. I meant cmon it reads in red letters not to get it on your skin . It’s one of the strongest glues on the open market. I don’t even know why I staying these common sensible statements. Like the article reads PLEASE STOP PUTTING GORILLA GLUE ON YOURSELF

  2. Rofl Like how stupid dou have to be. Well at least human stupidity is amusing. It may be kinda mean to laugh at these morons . But sorry not apologizing for laughing at morons

  3. People are so stupid so they can sue a company..

  4. Dumbest thing ever use common sence its called glue that means it sticks but who puts it in there hair im just laughing so much how stupid ppl really are

    1. @Gn, it shows the level of the people who are smart enough not to take part in this stupidity instead of correcting it you should look at the underlying statement it makes

  5. How does one get gorilla glue to loosen up off of cement brick. I tried to glue a piece of slate to a cement brick to make a headstone. While waiting for it to dry it slid down and only part of it is on the cement brick. I want to see if I can loosen it up to slide it back to center it in place.


  7. No one is immune to making bad decisions. Remember the Tide Pod Challenge? SMH

    1. @Nichelle Walton, did you take part in the tide pod challenge? I didn’t.

    2. @Nichelle Walton, yeah- another STUPID thing for STUPID people to be doing

  8. @Gorilla Glue…… Don’t tell these SUPER STUPID PEOPLE not to put the glue to themselves. Because if their that stupid to put it on themselves and get stuck, then that’s what they get for being so stupid

  9. Now I know, stupidity does exist. There was no point in making something out of that lady’s situation. A sad mistake, but what he did was just plan stupid.

    1. @Queen A Brown, I’m sorry my dear.but a mistake is when you do something that you have no knowledge of. Gorilla glue have commercials that show you it holding up bricks, wood, stones, and metal why would you put that in your hair. She can read she made that choice a stupid choice no sympathy for her as well. ????? They’re probably donald j Trump supporters ???

    2. @John Jefferson, NO not Trump supporters but democratic morons that support the leftists like biden and pelosi….we trump supporters have more sense than these ignorant morons that do crap like this idiot did

    3. @John Jefferson, i so agree how stupid can you be your hair really i laughed so hard whenni first saw this couldnt. Beleive someone that wouldnt think it wouldnt its a bad thing smh

    4. @Jill Hemphill, why politics get put into this lmao this sum you just laugh at an call the man stupid an keep it moving lmao wtf trump and Biden got to do with this.

    5. @Steph, why not direct your question to the first person to use politics

  10. Come on people!!! The Darwin Award committee is waiting!!!

  11. Stupid is as stupid does!!! You cant fix stupid!! Priceless, you cant put a price on stupid or the stupid things that these stupid people do.

    1. Its just POOR innocent STUPID people trying to out stupid one another!!! @Daniel,

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