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You Can Get Funko POP! Sour Patch Kids To Feed Your Sweet Addiction

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You can get Funko POP! Sour Patch Kids, and they are just the most adorable things ever!!


There is something I collect that has become a little bit of an obsession in our house, and that is anything Funko POP!

I started displaying them in my room, and it has branched out to the front room, the bathroom, and even the kitchen. If they weren’t so stinking cute, it might be a problem!

I don’t know what it is about these little “guys,” but they are addicting!!!! The box arrived in perfect shape, which is important to me because I am keeping them as collectors items.

Just Me, Amazon Reviews

We have another candy-coated addiction in this house called Sour Patch Kids! I have to hide them from my kids.

BTW, have you tried the Sour Patch Kids Refresher off the Starbucks Secret Menu? GAH!! It’s so good!!

When I saw these Funko POP! Sour Patch Kids, I about went bananas! They are simply PERFECTION.


I bought this as a gift for a relative who is known for loving sour patch kids, and it’s so cute! When it came in the mail I seriously considered keeping it for myself. For those wondering, it is the size of a normal pop figure.

Choochzcorner on depop, Amazon Reviews

These Funko POP! Sour Patch Kids stand 3.75 inches tall, and they would be so freaking cute arranged side-by-side on a bookshelf, display shelf, or even a fireplace hearth!!


OMG. I want every one of these cuties!

They are made — like MOST Funko POPs! — of a hard plastic vinyl.


Comes on a little stand to make displaying easier. It has a clear glitter that gives it the sour sugar look. Good quality and durable.

Samantha Jolley, Amazon Reviews

You can get your own Funko POP! Sour Patch Kids on the Amazon website.


Although there are some collector’s edition Funko POP! dolls that are hella expensive, you can get the red, blue, orange, yellow, or pink Sour Patch Kids for anywhere from $11 to $28, depending on which one you choose.

I mean, if it were up to me, they would ALL be in my virtual shopping cart!


Now, if you want a FIVE POUND bag of Sour Patch Kids Candy to go with your Funko POP! you can get it right on the amazon site with your new Funko dolls!


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