Here’s A List of Mask Templates You Can Use To Make Face Masks For The Medical Community

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The CDC recommends making homemade face masks that will help protect and keep clean the limited supply of medical face masks available to the medical community, and if you are a sewing type person, the hospitals are begging for them.

I have my nursing license. While I am not currently in the trenches with the medical community, I have many nursing friends who I speak to often about the crisis.

Their number one problem / request? Face masks. The hospitals are running dangerously low on face mask stock.

Here Are A List Of Easy Face Mask Tutorials


Fask Mask Sewing Template by Wishkaril on Etsy

Cloth Face Mask Sewing Template Digital Download image 0
Courtesy of Etsy

Face Mask Sewing Template By BLHANDMADE on Etsy

3D Face Mask Sewing Pattern PDF Sewing Pattern Instant PDF image 0
Courtesy of Etsy

Fask Mask Sewing Template By MajaMencel on Etsy

Easy PDF pattern sewing Face mask Washable Reusable Cotton image 7
Courtesy of Etsy

Face Mask Sewing Template By ToysDIY on Etsy

Set of 2 FACE MASK Pattern Sewing PDF  Washable Reusable image 1
Courtesy of Etsy

Joann Fabric

Easy To Sew

Crafts With Ellen

Nanay Express

Riley Blake Designs — This is a face mask cover.

Lorrie Nunemaker

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  1. Can I have face mask templates for children 5 -8 yrs and for adults
    I have material and sawing machine

  2. I have been using hair ties for the elastic. Try cutting larger, thin ponytail holders apart.

  3. we do not have a joann’s near us anymore. I would love to make the facemasks if I am able to get supplies. I do have fabric but need elastic. can you help me out?

    1. Take the fabric off bungee cords it’s full of elastic

  4. I can’t find a jo Ann fabrics that open near me. West Covina California.

    1. do you have a walmart or amazon account you can buy 100% cotton sheets to make masks. you can go on pinterest for patterens.

  5. I’m from Fremont, Ne and I know our hospitals and nursing homes out here are getting really low. I would love to help them by making and donating face masks. How do I get supplies? Thank you in advance and the opportunity to help my community.

  6. I also want to help. How do I get the supplies?

  7. I can and want to make mask to donate. I have placed an order with Amazon, but, it will not be here until after April 15. I am in South Central KY. I do have felt and elastic coming sooner. The fabric and thread is my obstacle in starting now.

    1. Use old clothes for fabric.
      I’m in bush alaska. I re did my husbands “do rag”
      Also for those out of elastic cut 1 inch band out of body of old T-shirt’s.. pull hard … they thin out and work great
      (Soft on the eats)

  8. Yes I can also help to make some masks. Please let me know

    Thank you

  9. Hello I live in Baton Rouge and would love to help see masks I can see all day . When and where can I pick up supplirs from you and where and when do you need them back for delivery ?

    My number is 2255733166 pls message or call me and I can come ASAP and begin ASAP

  10. I need the supplies to make the face masks please let me know where I can pick them up I need elastic and material. Some wire

    Thank you

  11. I would definitely make these to send anywhere needed. I probably have all the fabric, but could use bendy nose pieces or pipecleaners, and elastic for ears.

    If anyone can send, reply and well figure it out.


  12. Making Masks to Donate Special in My Nurses Friends Hospitals <3 Please send me or Pick up Supplies Fabric Thread ,Elastic and wire its hard to find ..Need everything .. Me and My Family work with 3 Machines..

    Where Pick Up Text Me
    21o 3643228

    1833 Mancero Park
    San Antonio Tx 78230

  13. I have made several masks but do not have wire to fit the nose. Please send me supplies.

    1. I would love to help but have no supplies. Can you please send them to me?

    2. The metal in charts(file folders in doctor office works great, cut in half and shape)

  14. I sew & would be happy to make face masks. Where do I get the supplies?

    Pensacola, Fl.

  15. My friends and I would love to make masks for medical personnel in the Chicago, IL Area. (Des Plaines, IL 60016) Please send Fabric and elastic, and thread! We are always doing projects that give to others. Our online Facebook is “Fiber Fun! “

    1. I live in Roselle and Have 4 large rolls of.elastic white and black. Email me for more info

  16. Are hospitals actually accepting them yet? I am willing & able to make them. How do I get the materials?

    1. No..these can be for Home care nurses, and such but they are not for hospital use…. Make them for friends and family to wear to grocery shop etc though… They need N95 or hospital masks for hospitals.

  17. I’m in L.A and I’m a professional seamstress and have plenty of elastic. Email me how much you need ans day address to send it to.

    1. I have looked everywhere for 1/4” elastic. If you have that would be wonderful. My address is
      Leslie Hoffmann
      8 BlackCreek Rd
      Glenwood NJ 07418

      Thank you so much in advance.
      Will continue looking…

      1. check amazon for the elastic they have it i d’ont know how long it will take to send it to you. try 1/4 or 1/8 in.

    2. Im in alaska and many are making masks but now we cant get elastic anywhere! If demd i can get it out to people we have.mask requests galore!
      Lesley Gordon
      Po box 877894
      Wasilla alaska

      1. I tried the JoAnns links, but they are looking for factories to volunteer. Some of the hospitals are asking for ties, vs. elastic for durability and allergy issues and supplying a pattern of their choice of masks. Here is a link for various areas requesting masks. I have formed a new group on FB to try and gather a lot of these links, together and help our neighbors get masks as well (with the intent of members making free masks, from our caring hearts)

    3. Liz – I am in need of 1/4 elastic
      i have ran out after getting 40 masks completed.

    4. I would love to make some. I have beading cord elastic but it’s a thin cord, not 1/8″ wide. Can that work?

    5. I would so appreciate some elastic… I have cut out so many masks….but need more elastic I prefer 1/4 inch if you have it 25 yards would be great. I can send you $$ just let me know how much and to whom to send it to,,,.. Send elastic to: to Booth, Box 441, York, NY 14592

    6. Hi I noticed you mentioned you have plenty of elastic. 1/4 inch. I am making masks to donate to a nursing home and ran out of elastic. Tried ordering it but they won’t deliver it for 2 to 3 weeks.

    7. What kind of elastic do u have and. What do you chatge

  18. Would like to make face masks need material and elastic.

    1. I have some supples. I purchased $75 on Sunday. I need more. I need elastic, bias tape, cotton fabric, more thread (white) and the filter lining. I ordered the metal clips; but haven’t rec’d them yet.

      If your instructions are clearer; I can put my husband on my second machine

      When can I pick the supplies up??

      Be.v Buckner

      ThAnk you!!!

    2. I am making face masks for nurse friends who are having to use one mask over and over. How do i get supplies?

  19. I live in Richmond, CA. and am making masks along with another family to give to nurses at a health care facility and the Kaiser Richmond hospital. I have fabric and wire, but we need elastic. Can I get some donated? You can email me at: I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

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