You Can Buy An Entire Gallon of Hand Sanitizer, Because Why Wouldn’t You?

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I think I just hit the mother load of all things you could possibly buy right now (maybe aside from toilet paper)… You Can Buy An Entire Gallon of Hand Sanitizer, Because Why Wouldn’t You?

You guys this is HUGE. Now, before you rush off to buy it, you should know a few things…

First, this is literally a 1-gallon container of Hand Sanitizer and you can only get it from 1 place. You can also choose between the Gel Hand Sanitizer (like the stuff we get at Bath & Body Works) OR you can get a water-type Hand Sanitizer that goes into bottles for spray hand sanitizer.

I tell you this because you want to make sure you order the right one!

If you want the consistency of a thicker, normal hand sanitizer you want to choose the “gel refill” option.

The place selling this right now is Bulk Apothecary. It is typically a wholesale supplier for companies that make homemade soap and body products. I’ve used them before and they are great.

According to their listing, their product contains 62% alcohol which is more than the recommended 60% per the CDC.

Both our spray and gel contain 62% ethyl alcohol meeting the CDC’s guidance on alcohol level. Please note: Our hand sanitizer spray version is water thin, it does not foam but works great in any normal spray bottle.  It can also be used in many bulk gel style wall dispensers.  It simply comes out more watery.  Splashing may be an issue with the spray in some gel style wall dispensers so use with care. 

Keep in mind that sales are final and they do have a bit of a processing delay due to the amount of orders so be patient!

So, hurry over and grab yourself a gallon of Hand Sanitizer (just be sure to select the one you want). You’ll pay $44.95 + shipping but considering how much you are getting, this isn’t a bad deal at all!

Once you get it, just pour some into a bottle and you’re good to go as far as hand sanitizers are concerned! You can also add essential oils to it before pouring into a bottle if you want!

For point of reference each gallon jug contains 128 fluid oz. and is the equivalent of roughly 64 – 2oz. bottles or 16 – 8oz. bottles making our bulk gallon sizes a great value. Our gallon size Hand Sanitizer is a commercial-sized product that can be filled into many popular commercial dispensers.

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  1. Great that you still have this but is the mentioned shipping delay 5 days or 5 months? I know you cant make a promise but give a ball park at least.

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