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Disney World Has Announced That Masks Are Going To Be “Optional” While Outdoors At Their Parks

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Disney World has announced that face masks are now going to be “optional” while enjoying the parks outdoors.

Walt Disney World

This is HUGE news, because Disney has been SO TIGHT on their COVID regulations — including wearing a mask at all times while on property.

The only times those at Disney World have been able to take off their masks was while dining or swimming — you even had to wear them while getting your picture taken!

But, it seems that Disney World is lifting those tight regulations due to new regulations from the Centers For Disease Control.

Starting May 15, face coverings for guests will be optional in outdoor common areas at Walt Disney World Resort, with the exception that guests must wear face coverings from the entrances at all attractions, theaters or transportation and throughout those experiences.

Disney Spokesperson via Yahoo Entertainment

Now, you might be thinking that the rules just might apply to only those who have had the COVID vaccine.

But no, the guidelines listed on their site do not specifically say that the new rules are just for those vaccinated individuals.

Please bring your own face coverings and wear them in all indoor locations, except when actively eating or drinking while stationary and maintaining appropriate physical distancing. Face coverings are optional in outdoor common areas at Walt Disney World Resort, but are still required upon entering and throughout all attractions, theaters and transportation.

Disney World

Yes, you will still need to bring those masks to Disney World, because they will be required indoors.

Disney is very specific about what types of face coverings are allowed while enjoying the indoors at the parks.

All face coverings (whether disposable or reusable) must:
Be made with at least 2 layers of breathable material
Fully cover the nose and mouth and secure under the chin
Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
Be secured with ties or ear loops and allow the Guest to remain hands-free

Disney World

On Thursday, the CDC announced that those individuals who have been vaccinated for the coronavirus can now stop wearing masks while indoors and out.

Remember, Disney World is private property, so while the CDC might allow individuals to remain maskless, Disney can do whatever they want.

You are choosing to go enjoy Disney World, so you have to comply with their guidelines.

AND, just because you can go maskless outdoors NOW, if the pandemic gets worse, Disney can change the rules at any time.

As guidance has continued to evolve, we—with the support of health and government officials—will be making more gradual adjustments.

Disney World

But, as for now, this is GREAT news for anyone planning to attend Disney World this summer.

You KNOW it’s as hot as the surface of the sun at Disney World in the summer months — and a mask was just going to make it unbearable.

Don’t take these changing rules as an excuse NOT to get vaccinated!

The way for everyone to remain as safe as possible is to get that COVID vaccine.

Stay safe out there, and have all that Disney World fun!

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