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Disney’s Live-Action Little Mermaid Just Cast Singer Halle Bailey as Ariel And We Love It

Look at this girl, isn’t she neat? Wouldn’t you think she’s about to vault straight to super stardom as The Little Mermaid’s Live-Action Ariel!

Just who is Halle? She is part of the R&B duo Chloe x Halle.

She also stars on Black-ish.

And now she will be a part of your world as Ariel! This is SO exciting!

And we won’t JUST have her as Ariel, but rumor has it Melissa McCarthy is looking to be Ursula!

Oh, and if that isn’t enough awesome for you, what about Awkwafina as SCUTTLE!

Now, I think the big question that remains is… WHO will be Sebastian?


Saturday 6th of July 2019

I don’t think the race is the problem. It’s the simple fact if changing the way an original looks. It’s not that I think the actor can’t act the part. It’s just changing originality always upsets people. It be the same as having a very tanned skin woman play Mulan or Changing Tiana to a pale skin woman. Everyone would feel offended. I understand that Ariel never really had any racial problems in the story line, however, many of us grew up with a certain image, not race. I’m not looking at Halle like oh she’s black so this isn’t right. I’m looking at it as, this doesn’t look like the Ariel that the creator designed. Although, their casting cannot change, I hope she does well but for this whole thing to be race related, is ridiculous. Why must people assume that it’s about colour. Why make it about something? When it’s simply, she doesn’t look like the original Ariel. People where upset about Mary Jane as well. Zendaya did a great job at acting, but she didn’t look the like creators imagine of Mary Jane in the original comic books. It’s not about race or ability or anything like that. It’s simple. She doesn’t look like her so I was shocked. Not disappointed. Shocked. Do I wish they kept true to the original, yes but am I putting Halle down? No. She will do just fine.


Sunday 7th of July 2019

I agree with your every word. I am disappointed they did not have someone that would look the part. As children and adults we imagine what Ariel would have looked like in human form. They will end up making another one with true to the story cast members. They did this a few times in the past and stats are stats the movies did not make as much as they planned and had to make new ones which turned the story into a joke. I think this is a shame because it truly is not about race at all.


Friday 5th of July 2019

Ariel will be black that’s awesome !! To bad people are still living in the days of being racist get over it ! You can’t change it so move on !!! It’s Disney and the kids will love it regardless cause they don’t see color they see fun and are able to still sing along :)


Thursday 4th of July 2019

Wow really people it not like their are real mermaids in thw world does her skin tone actually matter. I think not


Thursday 4th of July 2019

It’s sad to know you all feel this way. I get it though, your childhood imagination has been tinted. All these years waiting to see a red head live & she’s actually a black girl with locs. Whew, I would hate to hear what you tell your kids about this EXACT moment. Instead of being mad, take this time as a teaching moment, and explain to your kids how their imagination can be as BIG as their dreams. How, Ariel is every little girl who feel like mermaid in the world version of under the sea.

Btw, continue to let the racist you so desperately try to hide, show. It’s showing proudly.


Thursday 4th of July 2019

Wow so we change her entirely to a different person ! Not that i dont love this girl and she is amazing but ,doesn't look good to have pictures at Disney and grow up eith her being a red head to something totally different??? Why would you change the character? What next , a red head playing moana?? Its every red heads drean also so not cool,, its not racist by the way ,stop trying to change it to something stupid! You could also say its racist bc they changed her entirely ya so