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You Can Get A Hanging Hammock Swing Complete With A Mosquito Net and I Need It In My Life

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I haven’t met a person who doesn’t like hammocks. I’m sure such a person exists, but you can’t deny that this product I am about to show you is AMAZING. I need it now. Please.


You can now relax outdoors, swing in a hammock and not get attacked by mosquito. (Possibly the worst creature ever made…with the exception of fleas…and chiggers).


This can be placed anywhere in your yard (or house, who am I to judge?), and is so easy to assemble, that you don’t even need tools! (Sign me up!)


The screen that comes with it is lightweight and super breathable, so you can still get that fresh air you’re craving without that annoying buzzing in your ear from pesky mosquitoes. They ruin all the fun and relaxation so now you can get the chill you need without the annoyance of the buzzes.


The canopy is also quick dry in case it rains outside, and all of the fabric used is weather resistant. It’s available in a chocolate or tan color and the hammock can hold up to 300lb.

  • The hammock can be placed on anywhere in your backyard and garden without auxiliary tools. No need to find equipment to hang
  • Fine screen will block mosquito and air permeability
  • Dia.1.65” powder coated and corrosion resistant steel frame for added stability
  • Large measures 7.6×4.6×6.7 Ft canopy with quick-dry & weather resistant textilene fabric is perfect for outdoor use
  • 300lb. Weight Capability; The hammock bed is easy-to-clean, install and storage

In my opinion, the Abba Patio Outdoor Swing is a must have this summer. It’s priced at $259, but I think it’s totally worth the cost. I’ve always been a huge fan of hammocks myself.


One customer left a review saying:

No mosquitos or flies can penetrate this double duty hammock swing. I was so psyched that this was a tool free set up. The pieces of the frame are light yet sturdy and snap together for ease of competing the job. The chains that hold up the hammock, include an optional clear plastic sleeve that’s removable but helps protect little fingers from getting caught between the links. I was pleasantly surprised that material of the hammock itself is quite strong and weather resistant. This hammock bed is wider than standard ones, so supporting my 6’2, 224Lb frame, was no problem at. Though the sun was shining overhead, the top of the canopy completely blocked it out, giving me an even more comfortable experience. The interior of the canopy never became stuffy because the 4 mosquito netted walls allowed for air to circulate without resistance.


The quality craftsmanship that went into the making this awesome product gives me the confidence that it’ll last from summer to summer. If you’d like to hangout in the great outdoors, without being harassed flying insects, look no more.


So there you have it! Get this amazing product in your cart and have an amazing summer!

You can order yours on Amazon here.


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  1. need to know where this hammock is made (manufactured not distributed)

    1. @Michelle Ruth, I read its $509 on Amazon

    2. @Jasmine Florez, In the article it said the cost was $259 . when ordering from their sitr !

  2. I’m disabled and would love to relax both legs in a sleep tent like this,where do I buy one,thank you

  3. A great idea but needs to have a higher weight capacity than 300 lbs so as to accomodate 2 adults.

    1. I agree needs to go to 400 lbs to be worth replacing my double hammock and screen room combo I currently use

  4. Try to order one – can’t – they don’t have any in stock and no idea when more “MAY” come in!!

  5. I have this but need a new screen. A bad storm came thru. I was going to put the screen up but the storm came on so fast & it was too late. Is it possible to get another screen just like the picture I would appreciate if you could help me out
    I got this for my husband last Christmas 2018. He REALLY LOVES THIS
    Pat Nutt
    408 Iowa ave
    Delanco, NJ 08075

      1. The swing is $259, not the hammock.

    1. Ummm it does say complete hanging hammock swing with a mosquito net. And it’s $259

  6. Can I get some photo credit? The picture with the 2 kids is mine…with my creeper dog ninja sneaking around under the hammock. Who knew that posting a photo to a review on amazon would cause the picture to pop up EVERYWHERE lol

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