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Target Is Selling A $10 Pineapple Purse That Doubles As A Cooler and I Need It

What could be better than a pineapple purse?

How about one that also doubles as a cooler?

Well, I have great news – Target has just what you need and it’s so dang cute, I need one!

Now you might remember the viral Pineapple Backpack and Pineapple Fannypack that Target has sold over the years and if you have those, you need this one to complete your collection.

This is in the shape of a Pineapple sideways and is a purse style with carrying handles.

A cooler that doesn’t get cooler than this!
Keep your beverages in the 24.32qt Sling Cooler from Sun Squad. This cute little cooler comes in the shape of a pineapple. The cool design will surely make it popular among your friends. So whether you’re hanging by the pool or are headed to the beach, take this stylish cooler that matches your style, with you.

The best part is, this Pineapple Purse Cooler is just $10 but if you want one, grab one fast because I am sure these will sell out like the others did.


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