LaCroix has a new flavor, and I AM SO EXCITED!

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LaCroix is one of the most popular flavored water drinks and if you are a fan, you know that a new flavor being released is like Christmas.

Well, get ready because Christmas came early this year… LaCroix has announced a new flavor, and I AM SO EXCITED!

A few days ago the company released this teaser on social media:

And people immediately started guessing what the new flavor could be.

Strawberry Kiwi?


Strawberry Lemonade?

Some even asked for a flavor with vodka or alcohol in it…

But then, the company released the actual flavor…

Yes, Hi-Biscus!

And while I am excited to give it a try, many others don’t agree…

Honestly, most people wanted Watermelon and I mean, that makes sense given that is the like THE fruit of Summer…

So, who’s ready for this new flavor? The company says it will be released soon in the Western United States!

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