You Can Get A Life-Sized Cat Made of Building Blocks For The Person Who Is Allergic To Cats

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I love cats. I’m also allergic to my little feline friends. *Ugh* If only there were a way for me to own cats, without — you know — dying.

Courtesy of Jekca Limited on Instagram

There is a company in Hong Kong that has made it possible for me to own cats!! They have come out with cats in the CUTEST building block sets EVER! And, you are simply going to want them all! I KNOW I DO!

Courtesy of Jekca Limited on Instagram

The JEKCA company now has these block sets that you can build into the cutest life-sized statues around. Gah! I’m dying right now.

Courtesy of Jekca Limited on Instagram

Is there really such a thing as too many cats? NOPE! Especially when you don’t have to worry about — you know — cleaning up after them.

These Lego-esque blocks allow you to build a life-size version of a cute kitty. You can even build it to be posed in a cute, cat-like pose — stretching cat, sleeping cat, and walking cat, just to name a few.

There are over 18 cats to choose from, and they range in price from $50-70.

Not bad, when you think, You’re Never Going To Have To Feed It! Ha!

You can choose anything from a Calico kitty to a puffy Persian cat. My favorite is the brown stretching Tabby. Gah! It’s so cute. I’m going to need it, for sure.

Courtesy of Jekca

I know, the first thing I thought about was shipping, too. Don’t worry! They will ship to the United States, as well as many other countries.

Wanna know the best part? They don’t just have cats! Just wait until you see this. They have giraffes, dogs, hampster, chickens, frogs, alligators, birds — the list goes on and on!

Seriously! I’m already planning Christmas NEXT year for my kids. They are going to go insane.

You can get these block sets right on the JEKCA website .

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