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There Is A Monster Mash Cereal Coming Out That Combines All Of Your Childhood Favorite Cereals

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I cannot even START to explain how excited I am about this news!!!

General Mills is coming out with a cereal this Halloween to celebrate their 50 years of having monster cereals! I didn’t even know two of them existed before!

To celebrate the anniversary, a new cereal is releasing, as well as some of the original packaging for the fan favorites. My personal favorite was always Count Chocula cereal!

The 5 cereals included in this new Monster Mash box are Count Chocula (1971), Franken Berry (1971), Boo Berry (1972), Fruit Brute (1974), and Yummy Mummy (1988).

I have never even heard of the last two, so this is even more exciting for me. I was OBSESSED with Count Chocula as a kid, so be warned, I am TOTALLY fan girling over this.

They are also planning to release gummies for the event! I can’t wait! We are still waiting for this to drop, so keep an eye out!

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