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Billie Eilish Shows Off Her Massive Back Tattoo, And People Are So Confused

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The days of Billie Eilish covering her body from neck to toes in oversized baggy clothing is over.

We are seeing more and more of Billie Eilish, and now that includes her giant back tattoo.

To say fans are a bit shocked by the tattoo is an understatement.

The giant — kinda blob — is leaving many fans scratching their heads.

What exactly is it?

The image, posted on Instagram, is part of a photo dump, and shows Billie laying face down on a tattoo table.

The ink is pretty fresh, as it is still smeared from the work of the artist — he has yet to wipe it clean.

To be honest, it looks kinda like the tattoo artist just went a little crazy with the tattoo gun, and scribbled all over her spine.

Another photo shows the completed tattoo, and it’s still a mystery as to what the heck it is.

I mean, is it abstract art? Is it a rudimentary sketch of the Stranger Things portal?

I’m not the only one confused by the ginormous tatt.

Hate to be like this…but what is it? What am I supposed to see?


I see she’s in her “I’m a celebrity and do wild shit” phase. Go girl go.


me tracing the lines of my desk in middle school when I’m bored


You do you, Billie. But, good grief. Fill us in. What is it?

I will say, it’s kinda growing on me. Is it weird that I like it?


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