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Betty White’s 99th Birthday Is Coming Up and We Are Forever Grateful For Her Presence

2020 may have SUCKED, but there is one thing that 2020 couldn’t take from us! We still have our Betty White, and that’s enough to make me smile.

On January 17th, Betty will be 99 years old, which means this adorable badass has been blessing us with her comedic presence for over 8 decades!!

How will Ms. White be celebrating her birthday? I would like to report that there will be a big blow-out birthday celebration for America’s sweetest lady (I totally made that up, but it’s true), however, we are living in 2021. What does that mean? Quarantine.

She’s planning a Zoom garden party with friends and a big chocolate birthday cake with candles. She’s always had a sweet tooth! She [also] asked for hotdogs and fries with ketchup

The Mix

I wish I could crash that Zoom party!! Wouldn’t it be fun to hang out with Betty, and celebrate her in style?

What Has Betty Been Doing During COVID?

Ms. White has reportedly been keeping herself safe from COVID by quarantining at her home in northern California.

Courtesy of KineticTV on YouTube

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Her house overlooks the Carmel coastline, and she has a full-time nurse and helper with whom she has become friends.

Crossword puzzles, television, newspapers, and plenty of exercise get Betty through the monotonous days of being stuck in the confines of her house, which I’m sure we can all relate.

Betty White’s 8 Decade Long Entertainment Career

The first time Betty burst onto the scene was in 1939, when she had barely just graduated high school. She was on an experimental TV show, and y’all, TV had only been a thing for 11 years!!! Can you even imagine!!

She has come a long way since that first television appearance. I could bore you with all the shows she has been a part of, but by now, you know what they are! She will always be Rose Nylund to me.

Betty is just one tough lady who doesn’t stop! Even as of 2019, she was lending her voice to such things as Toy Story 4 — where she played the character of Bitey White (Ha!) — and Trouble — where she lent her voice to the character of Sarah Vanderwhoozie.

But, perhaps one of my most favorite things she has ever done is show us a tour of her “crib.” Ha!! It is in true Betty White style.

Let’s wish a Happy 99th Birthday to Ms. Betty White! There is just nobody like you, and we are so thankful for your presence!

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