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Netflix Just Announced The Release Date For ‘Lucifer’ Season 5B

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Ahhhh I am so freaking excited. I’ve been waiting for, what feels like, FOREVER.


We once again get to see Lucifer and it is so much sooner than you’d think…

Netflix made the announcement via Facebook today saying:

We heard your prayers. Season 5B of Lucifer premieres May 28


So, there you have it, May 28th is when the second part of Season 5 will be premiering on Netflix and will officially bring Lucifer Season 5 to an end.

Now, don’t you worry, Netflix has renewed Lucifer for one final and 6th season but no word has been when that will be filmed or released.

For now, let’s just be happy we get more Lucifer in our lives within the next month and for that, I am quite excited!

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