This Is Like Watching ‘Tremors’, IRL, And It’s Terrifying!

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I had no idea the movie Tremors was based on an actual animal. But now that I know, I’m freaking out a bit. This thing is horrifying! And I might never step in the water again. Here’s the thing: I always thought Tremors was a campy, goofy little slightly horrorish flick and nothing more. But watching this video my mind is now racing. Like, we know about this one, but what if it has a bigger brother. I mean, we haven’t even Begun to explore the entire ocean. We don’t know. And what if this guy has a cousin who lives out in Arizona somewhere and we just having discovered him yet. Like I said, I’m freaking out. Take a look!

Seriously, forget Tremors, THIS is where the real horror is at. Wowza. I’m never stepping foot in the ocean again!

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