How To Tell Your Family You Aren’t Doing Thanksgiving This Year

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Let’s face it, holidays are stressful on good years, and this has not been a kind year to our family, much less the social climate in general.

Times like these turn what’s supposed to be a celebration of family and friends and love… into one, huge MMA match with Grandma wielding a turkey leg like club and Uncle Joe hacking away at the ankle biters with the electric carving knife.

Experts are telling people to stay home and avoid social gatherings but we all know that won’t happen with everyone. If you have a family that is INSISTING on having a traditional Thanksgiving gathering, you might be wondering how you’ll tell them, you won’t be there…

Here’s the thing- pandemic or not, it’s okay to skip a holiday. It’s okay to just celebrate the holiday at home, with just your immediate family and call it a day.


Sometimes It’s Okay To Not Participate In Thanksgiving

Skipping a holiday doesn’t mean you don’t love your family less. It means you know when and where the line to preserve a little mental sanity is.

It also means, you know when you feel like it’s not right to participate. Ya know, in times like in the middle of a pandemic.

A couple of tips for how to break it to the family:

1. Don’t put it off. When you know you’re going to do your own thing, let everyone know. Yes, it means that sometimes your mom or favorite cousin is going to beg you to change your mind, but don’t be swayed. Letting them know in advance allows time for plans to be adjusted.

2. Be honest. Yeah, some people will not understand your reasons for not wanting to suit up in battle attire for what should be a joyful occasion, but in the end honesty is always the best policy.

3. Stay firm. Your family loves you. They want you around. And they’ll push for you to change your mind, but if you’ve come to the conclusion you just don’t wanna be there, stick to your guns. Don’t be swayed. Or…just stop answering your phone.

This year our grand plans for Thanksgiving involve a crock-pot brisket, mashed potatoes and watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, because we are proper nerds in this house.

Have a happy, healthy and safe holiday, everyone! If you need us, we’ll probably be taking a nap.

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