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You Can Get The Tiniest Crocheted Christmas Trees And I Need Them In My Life

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Christmas is upon us, and you know what that means? It means we search for THE BEST of all decorations, gifts, advent calendars, literally anything. I mean, it’s our job to. You’re welcome.

So may I introduce to you, quite possibly, the most adorable decoration presented by mankind!


You can get extremely tiny crocheted Christmas trees and they are giving me life over here. Something so tiny and adorable can just make everything better.


These tiny trees are less than an inch tall! You can pick through different colors to match your home décor and they would be so perfect for anyone that is super into Christmas!


So head over to the amazing Etsy shop, ObscurelySmall, and check out their amazing tiny products, including these tiny Christmas trees, which range around $26!


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