Gas Station Teddy Bears And Fat Guys In Diapers – Why I Don’t Give A Fig About Valentine’s Day

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I do not like Valentine’s Day. I am not one of those women who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day because she doesn’t have someone to spend it with. Quite the contrary, in fact, I have a husband that would spend the entire day with me, buy me fancy gifts, candy, and flowers. But, I asked him not to, and he promises to skip that this year. The fact I am not a fan of the big V-Day may surprise many of you… because I love all things girly, and I love all things pink… all things, that is… except Valentine’s Day.

valentine's day

Why, you ask, am I not a fan of the fat guy in the diaper’s special day? Because, it falls too close to Christmas! I feel like we just got over the whole Christmas thing, and bam… here we are trying to figure out some random other present to get each other, when we have no idea what to buy because we used up all of our good ideas at Christmas! It’s frustrating, and frankly quite silly.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I like the general idea of Valentine’s day, you know, to celebrate the love you have for each other, and I totally make cheesy cupcakes with my kid, I am just not going to go out and spend a bunch of money on something that will end up in the back of the closet for the hubster!

And he wouldn’t want me to, either. The truth is I think V-Day should be celebrated every day and that the pressure of putting all the hearty hearts and lovey love on one day actually does more to hurt relationships than help them. I mean, if your fella hasn’t been buying you flowers and chocolate all year round, why would it make one lick of difference if he does it on some random-ass day in the middle of cold friggin’ February literally right after you’ve both already gone all out for Christmas.

And maybe you don’t. Maybe Christmas isn’t that big a thing at your house and V-Day is the day you both say “I Love You.” But what if it happens to snow that day? Or maybe you’ve both had the flu and no one went out to buy cards. Does that mean you love each other any less? Uh, if it DOES than perhaps you need to look at other parts of your relationship, I’m just sayin’.

Or what if only One of you really cares about the day and the other…not so much. I mean, I’ve got more than one friend whose relationships have ended, like total splitsville, on Valentine’s day because of that specific thing.

That just seems like a lot of pressure for a single day, ammiright?

So instead of flowers, balloons, stuffed teddy bears, hearts, chocolate, jewelry (I’m kind of losing where I was going…), why not make more of an effort every day to say I LOVE YOU.

I bet it’ll mean more in the long run than that stupid teddy bear he’s going to bring home from the gas station…


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  1. lol – we’re not doing anything here for VDay either. Come to think of it, we hardly ever do very much for VDay – probably for the same reasons you just listed! We decided we’ve spent enough money this February and are quite content to do a movie night at home with the kids.

    Madagascar 2 came out, so guess what we’ll be watching? After the first one, of course. 😉

    P.S. Drop by “On the Rocks” when you get a chance, k? Got a lil’ somethin’ for ya!

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