You Really Shouldn’t Wash Dishes Or Take A Shower During a Thunderstorm

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Is it safe to shower during a thunderstorm? Turns out it’s not an old wives tale.

My mom would never let us do dishes or take a bath during a thunderstorm. She wanted us to avoid a lightning injury, and I always thought she was crazy, but she was right.

Oh, and you shouldn’t wash dishes either.

We all know that you will increase your risk of a lightning strike stand in an open field, or next to any tall metal rods when lightning and thunder are happening, but taking a shower should also be on that Don’t Do list as well.

Oh, and just fyi, according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration you should also avoid fishing during a storm, because that is the number one way people die of a lightning strike in the United States.

According to accuweather, “Lightning can strike and electricity can travel through pipes and water, shocking you.”

In fact, you should stay away from anything that can conduct a metal current. That includes plugging in your cell phone and using it, too. (You basically just turned it into a corded phone.)

So, you better hope that the next time you hear thunder you’re fully charged! Don’t use your washing machine, either. It’s just a big wet metal ball.

If your house, or a pipe, or anything that is connected to the pipes in your home get struck by lightning, then the electricity can travel through your pipes or through the electric current in your walls.

Lightning Safety Tips

According to the national weather service, the safest place to be during a lightning storm is indoors, and away from anything metal. (A metal car is safe as long as the windows are rolled up. You have your tires to thank for that.)

If you have plastic pipes you still aren’t safe. According to John Jensenius the water can conduct a strong enough current through the plastic pipes to shock anyone dumb enough to shower during a storm.

Lightning over field

So, don’t be a dummy. Just like, avoid water when lightning is happening. K?

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