Here’s How To Clean Your Air Fryer, Because Let’s Be Honest, It Gets Disgusting

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I took a little peek inside my air fryer tonight, and nearly had an aneurysm right on the spot.

My kids and husband have been giving the air fryer a workout this week, and they forgot — let’s give them the benefit of the doubt — to clean it after cooking their tasty morsels.

I mean, it was g.r.o.s.s.

This led me down a little rabbit hole on the interwebs.

How, exactly, is the best way to clean the bricked on gunk left in the air fryer after using it repeatedly?


Now, TikTok is FULL of useful — and sometimes excessive — hacks for cleaning your air fryer.

But, let’s keep it simple, shall we?

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Fryer?

As I’ve preached — pretty much on repeat — to my family, it is MUCH easier to clean something RIGHT after using it.

Once the gunk sits and gets hard, you almost have to break out a chisel to get it off your dishes — or air fryer in this case.

All it takes is a bit of dish soap, some hot water, your favorite kitchen sponge — go with a Scrub Daddy … it’s the best — and a little elbow grease.

But, sometimes, you get WAY past the point of simply scrubbing off the junk, and we have to move into deep-cleaning mode.


How Do You Clean Your Air Fryer?

First and foremost, UNPLUG it.

Water and electricity don’t exactly play nice.

Fill your sink with hot water and dish soap, swishing it around to make those bubbles we used to love so much as kids.

Take your air fryer basket and tray out of the machine, and let it soak in the hot, soapy water.

Go live your life — binge a couple episodes of The Last of Us on HBO Max — and let the hot water do its thing.


Then, take your Scrub Daddy — or sponge of choice — and get to getting that softened-up gunk off the bottom of the basket and tray.

Now, rinse that bad boy off, let it dry, and it’s pretty much good-to-go.

How Do You Clean The Inside Of Your Air Fryer?

Once again, unplug your air fryer — and this is important — let it cool COMPLETELY.

Take a damp rag, and get up close and personal with your air fryer.


I know this can be a bit awkward, but you want to totally wipe down the inside, paying close attention to the heating element.

This can get pretty gross and greasy, so just take your time and scrub it down — kind of like you would your microwave.

Yes, you can use a bit of soap (or even a diluted vinegar and water mixture) on the rag if you need to.

But, MAKE SURE you then wipe it down completely with a dry rag to get that soap off.

How Do You Clean The Outside Of Your Air Fryer?

Once you clean the inside of your air fryer, you will undoubtedly want to make the outside sparkle.

You clean the outside of the air fryer pretty much the same way you would clean any other kitchen appliance.

UNPLUG IT, and take to it with a warm, soapy rag.

Dry it off when you are finished, so you don’t have ugly soap streaks, and you’re done!!

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